Swift Navigation and Locosys Partner to Deliver Unmatched Price-to-Performance in Precise GNSS Positioning for IoT Applications
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Swift Navigation and Locosys Partner to Deliver Unmatched Price-to-Performance in Precise GNSS Positioning for IoT Applications

SAN FRANCISCO, June 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Swift Navigation, a market leader in precise positioning technologies for automotive, IoT, and mobile applications, today announced that Locosys, a leading GNSS module manufacturer, has joined its ecosystem partner program. The partnership will help to unlock the next generation of location-based applications by providing enhanced accuracy, reliability, and performance across industrial segments.

As industries increasingly adopt IoT to bolster productivity and safety, precise positioning emerges as a critical enabler. For instance, precise GNSS is key to help logistics companies optimize navigation, facilitate efficient resource utilization, and monitor operator behavior, thereby reducing accidents and ensuring vehicle and equipment health. Two elements are critical to enable precise positioning: a robust GNSS receiver and a wide coverage corrections service.

Swift’s Skylark® Precise Positioning Service is a cloud-based GNSS corrections service backed by carrier-grade networks that enables accurate and reliable positioning for location-based products across industries and around the world. Skylark is available in three variants that are collectively designed to meet the full range of requirements for accuracy, coverage, power consumption, and cost across use cases. 

Skylark Cx, the Skylark variant based on PPP-RTK corrections technology, delivers decimeter-level accuracy with 99.9%+ availability and uniform performance across entire countries, regardless of distance to the nearest reference station. In collaboration with Swift, Locosys has engineered the RTK1612 GNSS module from the ground up to ensure full compatibility with Skylark Cx. 

Boasting a compact, industry standard, 16 mm x 12 mm footprint, multi-constellation dual-band capability, and a highly competitive price tag, this module meets the precision and reliability needs of IoT applications. These include fleet management and last-mile delivery, where decimeter-level accuracy, high availability, and wide uniform coverage are essential for increasing efficiency and enabling uninterrupted monitoring.

"We are excited to collaborate with Swift Navigation to bring Skylark compatibility to our RTK1612 module," said Dr. Min-Chung Gia, CEO of Locosys. "Together, we offer precision at an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio. Our customers worldwide will benefit from unparalleled precision and reliability, increasing productivity while reducing risk and cost in a wide range of applications."

"We are thrilled to partner with Locosys to deliver our Skylark Precise Positioning Service to an even broader market," said Holger Ippach, Executive Vice President of Product & Marketing at Swift Navigation. "This collaboration aligns with our mission to unlock next generation location-based products with precise positioning that improves safety and efficiency across industries.”

Already powering millions of devices and vehicles and scalable to support billions more, Skylark is available across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Compatible with an ever-growing list of GNSS chipsets, modules, receivers, and applications, Skylark offers developers options wherever they are in the development process, making it easier and more cost effective to deploy than vertically integrated solutions. To learn more about Skylark interoperable devices visit: https://www.swiftnav.com/device-ecosystem

Swift Navigation is changing the way we understand and navigate the planet. Swift’s Skylark is the only global cloud-based precise positioning service built from the ground up to unlock new mass market use cases across industries at scale. ISO-certified to meet automotive safety standards for L2+ autonomy and delivered through carrier-grade networks with full redundancy in every system and connection, Skylark delivers reliable, centimeter-accurate positioning for more than 8 million safety-critical devices globally. Skylark is highly configurable, compatible with a wide range of GNSS chipsets, modules, and receivers, and packaged into rigorously tested and proven solutions for multiple industries. Visit  swiftnav.com/skylark to learn more.

​​Taiwan LOCOSYS Technology, a leading GNSS module manufacturer, has been deeply involved in the global positioning market for decades. LOCOSYS develops α-level GNSS wireless communication modules, RTK high-precision positioning/orientation solutions, inertial navigation systems, as well as 4G/5G CORS base station systems. Learn more at  www.locosystech.com/en/

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Swift Navigation Partners with Locosys

The integration of Swift’s Skylark® Precise Positioning Service and Locosys’ GNSS modules unlocks high precision that is uniform across entire countries, at an unbeatable price.